[A flowing, asymmetric, slightly surreal stained glass lamp in the shape of a plant, green leaves making up the main lit section with little glowing blobs in the brown stem and little glowing red flowers hanging down]



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Justin Novak was born in New York. He stands eleven and a half feet tall. Those who know him sometimes have trouble articulating what it is he reminds them of; the answer, though they don’t know it, is their very own cuddly-version Voldemort. He is an illustrator in addition to working in ceramics. He is one of the best professors I’ve ever had. And he is the nicest dude.

Walking through the tall, open concrete gallery at my art school in my first year one rainy day I was struck by a poster on the wall featuring a ceramic figure of a woman putting stitches into her arm. There was such a sophistication, elegance, delicacy, quiet, humanity, and heart breaking beauty to the figure, I though that moment, “that is what I want to make.” Little did I know, the artist who created the work taught at my school, and I’d have the pleasure of taking many classes with him in the near future.

Justin Novak; genius, talent hoarder, artistic freak of nature, my teacher:)

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Hector Guimard

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Origami Paper Shade by Studio Snowpuppe

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Book lights by Studio MS 

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Rock Bowl by Aleksandra Pollner

Skallops laser cut building components allow you to build any shape with playing cards

Blue D1653 by Arian Brekveld, Chris Koens and Damian O’Sullivan for Royal Delft

"Cutting Porcelain" - Rolf